Interested in saving water at home without compromising? Sparcio offers innovative and easy to install add-on solutions for the shower, kitchen, bathroom and guest toilet. Save up to 93% water and energy!




Guest Toilet

Shower - Great comfort, less bacteria and save up to 50% water & energy

Our revolutionary Pluvento mixes air into your shower stream, leading to savings of up to 50% water and energy, and a luxiourious showering experience. For showers with hoses, the Pluvento also helps prevent legionella bacteria as all water comes out of the hose after showering. The pluvento is suited for both hand showers and shower heads.

Bathroom Tap - Choose your flow

How much water do you really need from your bathroom tap? Just for brushing your teeth or washing your hands? Then use the design Helix water saver or just go to the eco-mode of the Trio-Conventional. For filling the sink, use the power mode.

Kitchen Tap - 360 flexibility and 3 modes

Significant amounts of water flow through every kitchen faucet. How about adding 3 different flow rates so you only use the exact amount of water necessary. Saving up to 82% water or 8000 liters in the kitchen comes with 360 degrees flexibility.

Guest Toilet - Saving with cool design

Do you want to distinguish the water tap in the guest toilet with innovative water flows that save up to 93% of water, are highly effective and look great? Look no further and install our Excelcio or Helix nozzle that can be easily connected to your existing tap.

Bundle them all together

You might be interested in our Home Complete package. This includes our Pluvento Shower, Trio-Jet for the kitchen and Trio-Conventional for the Bathroom. We can always discuss special combinations if required.

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