Helix – Anti Theft M24

24,95 incl. VAT

Up to 85% water saving, a unique looking water jet and protected. The Helix – Anti Theft is an add-on for the tap, that comes with a special key to install and de-install the product. The Helix Anti Theft produces a stunning visual effect spray and saves up to 85% water even at low pressures.

Key Benefits


#1 Reduce water consumption, protect the environment and save money

The Helix is based on award-winning Mikado technology. It allows anyone to make a visual statement and reduce water consumption. The Helix combines design, innovation and very high water efficiency of up to 85% into one product. With its delicate lines and distinctive spray pattern, the Mikado is visually alluring and creates a pleasantly soft stream that’s unlike any other. Not only does the Helix help save water and energy, it also pays for itself typically, within a year and is thus also a great investment.

# 2 Don’t give thieves or vandals a chance

The Helix – Anti Theft comes with a special key to install and remove the aerator. Water saving, great design and safety come together with the Helix – Anti Theft.

# 3 Easy to install without replacing the existing tap

With a very-low flow rate (1,35 liter per minute), the eye-catching Helix saves water without sacrificing comfort. The Helix-Safe comes either with male (M24) or female (M22) threading. Therefore it fits 99% of all faucets, also those with sensor. Installation can be done by anyone in just one minute. The Helix works with almost any water pressure, making it very versatile.

# 4 Communicate your sustainability

Almost everyone uses the washrooms multiple times a day, the Helix aerator nozzle is a clearly visible statement that communicates sustainability. On request, Sparcio also ensures that your contribution to environmental protection is clearly communicated, for instance with a sticker on the mirror or a water-saving counter on your website.

– 85% water saving
– Comes in two separate sizes: M22 (inside screw) and M24 (outside screw). Please indicate the required size to us in your order
– Size of one Euro coin / 23,5mm diameter
– Comes with a special key to install and de-install the aerator
– Functions at high and low pressures through adjustable inside
– 5 Year Warranty
– Consists of 100% High-quality metal and certified plastic
– In line with global regulations (German, French, UK, and Californian)