Trio-Conventional Aerator

14,99 incl. VAT

Upgrade your water tap by adding 3 different water saving modes. The Trio-Conventional is an add-on for the tap. With the Trio-Conventional you or your guests can choose between three adjustable flow settings for optimal task performance and maximum water savings. An ideal solution for your bathroom.

Key Benefits


#1 Reduce water consumption, protect the environment and save money

Large amounts of cold and warm water flow through the bathroom tap every day. Upgrade your water tap by adding 3 different water saving modes. Why should you or your guests not be given the opportunity to save water? The Trio-Conventional allows you or your guests to select the exact amount of water according to their water needs for optimal task performance and maximum water savings.

The Trio-Conventional saves large amounts of water and energy used for warm water and helps make an important contribution to water conservation. For those with children or who leave the tap running when brushing the teeth, the Trio-Conventional is especially useful as the Eco mode can be selected saving up to 82%. The Trio-Conventional also pays for itself within a year and is thus also a great investment. The ideal solution for every bathroom at home and in hotels.

# 2 Three water saving modes

The 3 adjustable modes of the Trio-Conventional allow you to save significant amounts of water.

  • Eco mode for washing your hands, brushing teeth or rinsing dishes (up to 82% water saving);
  • Normal mode (up to 68% water saving);
  • Power mode can be utilised to fill a bottle or the water kettle, to fill or clean the sink (up to 52% water saving).

# 3 Easy to install without replacing the existing tap

The Trio-Conventional nozzle can easily be added to existing taps and save up to 82% of water without having to replace the existing faucet. The add-on fits on almost all conventional faucets. An adapter is included to make it suitable for faucets with either outside (M22) or inside treading (M24). The product can be easily installed within a minute by anyone. The Trio-Conventional works well under low and high-pressure conditions, making it very versatile.

# 4 Communicate your sustainability

Almost everyone uses the bathroom tap multiple times a day, the Trio-Conventional tap nozzle is a clearly visible sustainable statement. On request, Sparcio also ensures that your contribution to environmental protection is clearly communicated, for instance with a sticker on the mirror or a water-saving counter on your website.

– Up to 50% water and energy savings
– Reduce the growth of bacteria and legionella
– 1/2″ size fits all showers
– Next to the hand shower we also offer shower heads
– Filter is included
– 10 Year Warranty on the Pluvento™ add-on
– 100% High-Quality Metal and ABS plastic
– In line with German, French, UK, and Californian regulations