Pluvento air shower hand shower set

59,99 incl. VAT

The new shower experience with up to 50% less water and energy and less risk of legionella. The Pluvento™ mixes air and with water and thereby not only improves your shower experience, you also consume up to 50% less water and energy. It is also safer. After showeringthe remaining water in the hose and showerhead flow out of the Pluvento. Since less water remains behind, bacteria including legionella have much more difficulties to grow. This makes the shower safer than others. Did you know that the warm water consumption of a shower for a family of 4 can cost up to 700 euros per year and that almost 25% of all the heat used in a house is consumed by the shower?

– Up to 50% water and energy savings
– Reduce the growth of bacteria and legionella
– 1/2″ size fits all showers
– Next to the hand shower we also offer shower heads
– Filter is included
– 10 Year Warranty on the Pluvento™ add-on
– 100% High-Quality Metal and ABS plastic
– In line with German, French, UK, and Californian regulations