Pluvento airshower with small shower head

49,95 45,95 incl. VAT

The new shower experience with up to 50% less water and energy. The Pluvento™ mixes air and with water and thereby not only improves your shower experience, you also consume up to 50% less water and energy. Did you know that the warm water consumption of a shower for a family of 4 can cost up to 700 euros per year and that almost 25% of all the heat used in a house is consumed by the shower?


– Up to 50% water and energy savings
– 1/2″ size fits all shower arms
– Shower head is 10cm or 4″ inches in diameter. We also offer a large 8″ shower head
– Filter is included
– 10 Year Warranty on the Pluvento™ add-on
– 100% High-Quality Metal and ABS plastic
– In line with German, French, UK, and Californian regulations