Home Complete Bundle with large shower head

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Trio-Conventional Aerator

Upgrade your water tap by adding 3 different water saving modes. The Trio-Conventional is an add-on for the tap. With the Trio-Conventional you or your guests can choose between three adjustable flow settings for optimal task performance and maximum water savings. An ideal solution for your bathroom.

Trio-Jet 360 aerator

Upgrade your water tap by adding 3 different water saving modes and 360 degrees flexibility. The Trio-Jet 360 is an add-on for the tap. With the Trio-Jet 360 you can choose between three adjustable flow settings for optimal task performance and maximum water savings. With the built-in swivel you can aim the water exactly where you need it. An ideal solution for your kitchen.



Key Benefits


# 1 Reduce water consumption, protect the environment and save money

Equip your house with innovative water saving solutions for the shower, kitchen tap, and bathroom water tap.

Did you know that the warm water consumption of a shower for a family of 4 can cost up to 700 euros per year, and that almost 25% of all the heat used in a house is consumed by the shower? The Pluvento™ airshower helps you reduce your bills and your environmental footprint. Add to that the 7000 liters that can be saved in the kitchen and 4000 liters at the bathroom sink!

The Pluvento™ airshower mixes air and with water, which not only improves your shower experience but also allows you to consume up to 50% less water and energy. The technology behind the Pluvento airshower is based on aeration. Air is added to the water stream, which volumizes the water creating a feeling of pressure. This creates a luxurious water efficient shower experience. The savings you can achieve depend on your water pressure and existing shower installation.

# 2 Great reviews

Since Sparcio launched the Pluvento™ airshower and both Trio products, we received great reviews from our customers. Not only were users enthusiastic about the general shower experience. In particular, we got feedback that is was easier to wash and color the hair. Users were also enthousiastic about the possibility to choose how much water flows through their taps and additional 360 degrees flexibility in the kitchen.

# 3 Easy to install without replacing the existing tap

The Pluvento™ airshower and the Trio-Jet and Trio-Conventional can be installed very easily. All showerhead connections in the world are the same 1/2″ and also most water taps. So just screw off the existing shower and screw the Pluvento™ airshower with large shower head onto the shower arm. Installation can be done by anyone in just one minute. The Pluvento™ airshower works with almost any water pressure, making it very versatile.

# 4 Communicate your sustainability

Most people use the shower and the water taps on a daily basis. Sparcio solutions are a clear demonstration of your sustainability activity.