Excelcio M16-M18 size

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Up 93% water saving, revolutionary water saving jet. Sparcio has developed add-ons for the faucet, which can save up to 93% of water without replacing the existing faucet. With the Excelcio nozzle for your water tap you can save up to 93 percent water, while still getting sufficient water to wash your hands.

Key Benefits


#1 Reduce water consumption, protect the environment and save money

With the revolutionary Excelcio you can save up to 93% water and still easily wash your hands. This is possible, because the Excelcio breaks the water stream into very tiny droplets. When people wash their hands almost all these droplets hit the hands making the water stream very efficient and most is made out of every drop of water. This allows users to both wash their hands easily, but also save significant amounts of water at the same time. Doing the same with less.

The Excelcio saves large amounts of water and energy used for warm water and thereby helps make an important contribution to environmental protection.

Not only does the Excelcio help save water and energy, the Excelcio pays for itself within a few months and is thus also a great investment. Especially for frequently visited toilets, the investment makes a lot of sense.

# 2 Easy to install without replacing the existing tap

The Sparcio nozzle can easily be added to existing taps and save up to 93% of water without having to replace any of the existing faucets. The nozzle fits on almost all conventional faucets, also those with sensor and is equipped with both internal and external thread, making it suitable for almost all faucets and is installable within a minute. The Excelcio can also be adjusted to almost any water pressure, making it very versatile.

# 3 Communicate your sustainability

Almost everyone uses the washrooms multiple times a day, the Excelcio tap nozzle is a clearly visible statement that communicates sustainability. On request, Sparcio also ensures that your contribution to environmental protection is clearly communicated, for instance with a sticker on the mirror or a water-saving counter on your website.

– 85% water saving
– Dual Thread (M16 & M18) fits almost all faucets
– Size of approximately one 1 euro cent coin / 17,5mm diameter
– Filter is included
– Functions at high and low pressures through adjustable inside
– 5 Year Warranty
– 100% High-Quality Metal (Very Low Lead Content and no nickel
– In line with German, French, UK, and Californian regulations


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