Excelcio M16-M18 size

19,99 incl. VAT

Up 93% water saving, revolutionary water saving jet. Sparcio has developed add-ons for the faucet, which can save up to 93% of water without replacing the existing faucet. With the Excelcio nozzle for your water tap you can save up to 93 percent water, while still getting sufficient water to wash your hands.

– 85% water saving
– Dual Thread (M16 & M18) fits almost all faucets
– Size of approximately one 1 euro cent coin / 17,5mm diameter
– Filter is included
– Functions at high and low pressures through adjustable inside
– 5 Year Warranty
– 100% High-Quality Metal (Very Low Lead Content and no nickel
– In line with German, French, UK, and Californian regulations