How Sparcio helps Offices and Factories save water

Save up to 93% water and demonstrate your sustainability.

Did you know that an office with 300 employees can save more than 360.000 liters or 100.000 gallons of fresh water a year just with hand washing?

Three reasons Offices and Factories choose Sparcio solutions

Saving is caring – Save money and the environment

Do you know how much water is used when employees or visitors wash their hands? This can be up to 3 liters per hand wash. With our innovative add-on solutions for the faucet this can be reduced to 0.2 liters! With Sparcio add-ons for the faucet you can save up to 93% water and energy. This is not only helps the environment, but is also a great investment, as the investments pay-off within a few months.

Installed in an instant – start saving directly

Our products are very easy to install and this can be done by anyone in a matter of seconds. Our products are add-ons that fit all conventional water taps, also those with sensors. Since they are added to the existing installation no renovations or refurbishments are needed. The result: a clear environmental statement towards employees and visitors, improved sustainability ratings, innovative water flows, significant water and energy savings, lower water bills and less CO2 emissions.

Communicate design & sustainability

On request, Sparcio ensures that your sustainable contribution is clearly communicated. The savings can, for instance, be shown at the point of use through a sticker, on the website or CSR report.

Sparcio water saving solutions recommended for Offices and Factories

Excelcio - Up to 93% water savings. "Doing the same with less"

Save up to 93% water and still easily wash your hands. Sparcio has developed the revolutionary Excelcio. The Excelcio breaks the water stream into tiny droplets, this allows every drop to hit the hands making them all count. This allows users to wash their hands easily, but with significantly less water. The Sparcio nozzle can be added to the faucet and saves up to 93% of water without having to replace the existing faucet. For design faucets we also offer the Excelcio with the sizes M16/M18.

Helix & Helix-Safe - Combine design with up to 85% water saving. "Save & Design"

Looking for a uniquely designed water flow and great water efficiency. The Helix combines both: an 85% water saving aerator for the faucet and great design. The Helix can be added to almost any faucet without having to replace the existing one. With the Helix employees and visitors can easily wash their hands, but with significantly less water and an appealing water stream. The Helix also comes in an anti-theft edition, that can only be removed with a special installation key.

Pluvento air shower - Save up to 50% water and energy. "More comfort with 50% less"

Sparcio introduces the Pluvento AirShower, which aerates the water stream which allows for savings of up to 50% water and energy, with great comfort levels. The Pluvento works both with showerheads and handsets. The handset also reduces the amounts of bacteria as the water flows out of the shower hose after use.

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