How Sparcio helps the transportation sector save water

Save up to 93% water and demonstrate your sustainability.

Did you know that a cruise ship with 500 cabins can save up to 15.000.000 liters of water or 400.000 gallons of fresh water every year with the innovative water saving solutions from Sparcio?

Three reasons owners of boats, trains and airplanes choose for Sparcio solutions

Saving is caring – Save money and the environment

Do you know how much water is used when guests or crew take showers or wash their hands? With our innovative add-on solutions for the water tap and shower you can start saving large amounts of water and energy in all transportation modes. With the Sparcio add-ons you can save up to 93% at the faucet and 50% in the shower, making instant savings possible. This not only helps the environment, but is also a great investment, as the investments pay-off within one year.

Installed in an instant – start saving directly

Our products are very easy to install and this can be done by anyone in a matter of seconds. The add-ons fit all conventional faucets and showers and since they are added to the existing hardware no renovations are needed. The result: 1) Clear environmental statement towards guests and cabin crew and an improved sustainability rating; 2) Significant water and energy savings requiring less water to be taken on board, purchased or desalinated, less grey water, less maintenance, lower bills and lower CO2 emissions.

Communicate design & sustainability

On request, Sparcio ensures that your sustainable contribution is clearly communicated to guests and crew. The savings can, for instance, be shown at the point of use and also digitally.

Sparcio water saving products recommended for boats, trains and airplanes

Excelcio - Up to 93% water savings. "Doing the same with less"

Save up to 93% water and still easily wash your hands. Sparcio has developed the revolutionary Excelcio. The Excelcio breaks the waterstream into tiny droplets, this allows every drop to hit the hands making them all count. This allows users to wash their hands easily, but with significantly less water. The Sparcio nozzle can be added to the faucet and saves up to 93% of water without having to replace the existing faucet.

Pluvento air shower - Save up to 50% water and energy. "More comfort with 50% less"

For showers, Sparcio has developed the Pluvento. The Pluvento is a shower add-on that fits almost all showers and adds air to the waterstream. Through this aeration of the waterstream it is possible to save up to 50% water and energy, while having great comfort levels.

Helix & Helix-Safe - Combine design with up to 85% water saving. "Save & Design"

Looking for a uniquely designed water flow and great water efficiency. The Helix combines both: an 85% water saving aerator for the faucet and great design. The Helix can be added to almost any faucet without having to replace the existing one. With the Helix guests and employees can easily wash their hands, but with significantly less water and an appealing water stream. The Helix also comes in an anti-theft edition, that can only be removed with a special installation key.

Trio-Conventional - Three mode water saving aerator to upgrade the cabin or kitchenette tap. "Select how much water you need"

The Trio-Conventional allows your guests to select the exact amount of water according to their water needs for optimal task performance and maximum water savings.

  • Eco mode for washing hands (up to 82% water saving);
  • Normal mode (up to 68% water saving);
  • Power mode for fill a kettle or to fill or clean the sink (up to 52% water saving).


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