Benefits of Sparcio

Benefit #1: “I saved 93% water with the Excelcio”

Sparcio water saving solutions make it possible to save immense amounts of water without reducing effectiveness and practicality.

Benefit #2: “It was so easy to install”

The Sparcio water saving products are simple add-ons for faucets and showers. They can be installed by anyone in an instant and they require no renovation work so you can keep your current installation.

Benefit #3: “I substantially improved my sustainability”

“After installing the Pluvento AirShower system and Trio in our hotel, we directly saw a significant impact on our water consumption.”

Benefit #4: “Everyone can use the solutions”

Sparcio’s products can be used everywhere. Whether you are a business with an office or an airport or a consumer with an apartment or house.  Our innovative water saving showers and water saving faucet add-ons are visually appealing, effective and comfortable to use. For businesses, we also offer tailored solutions.

Since the start of Sparcio, we have saved:


litres of water

Since the start of Sparcio, we have saved:


litres of water

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Popular Products

Save up to 93% water with the Excelcio. Ideal for locations where hands are regularly washed.

The 360 degree Trio-Jet nozzle has 3 adjustable water saving modes allowing you to select the optimal water flow (82%, 68% or 52% saving) and achieve maximum water savings. Perfect for kitchens.

The Trio-Conventional has 3 adjustable flow modes allowing you to select
the optimal water flow and achieve maximum water savings of up to 82%.
Great for bathrooms at home and in hotels.



Combine a trendy design with up to 85% water savings. The Mikado technology produces a spiraling effect.

Protect your 85% water saving design Helix against vandals using a special assembly key to unscrew the aerator. Great for public toilets.

The Pluvento airshower hand set enhances your shower experience, saves up to 50% water and energy and reduces bacteria such as Legionella in your shower hose and shower head.

The new shower experience with up to 50% less water and energy with the same comfort. Say hello to the Pluvento combining air with water.

Control how much water flows through your shower irrespective of pressure. Choose either 6, 7 or 8 litres per minute.

Saving is caring, every drop counts

Saving water not only saves money, it is also about caring for the environment. By reducing
your water consumption to what you really require, reduces CO2, allows the water to be
used by others in need and gives you the opportunity to spend the otherwise wasted money
for better purposes.Sparcio also believes that by giving back, we can make a global impact.
We have therefore partnered with the non-profit water foundation

This foundation supports families through access to safe water and sanitation.

3% of your purchase will go to the Water Foundation